Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to purchase a license?

You must purchase a license if you are going to use Fine Uploader for a commercial product or in a commercial setting. If you are developing an open-source or free product and will not derive any money from the product using Fine Uploader, you may use Fine Uploader free of charge under the Widen Commercial License.

Do I need to purchase a license for development, staging, testing, or any other non-production domains?

Nope. Just purchase one license per public-facing, production domain and feel free to use, develop on, and test Fine Uploader within your current workflow.

May I return a purchased license for a refund?

Sorry, no refunds. All sales are final. You may try Fine Uploader before purchasing to ensure it will work as expected based on your requirements.

What happens when the one year licensing period is over?

After one year, you do not have to renew your license to continue using the software. You may continue to use any version released during your one-year license forever under the Widen Commercial license. However, you may not download updates unless you renew.

Is support included with my license purchase?

Short answer: Yes. Support is handled on StackOverflow and is provided to any and all users of Fine Uploader. Before asking a question we ask that you please read over our Support Guidelines.

Why is Fine Uploader's source made publicly available, yet commercially licensed?

The intent of our licensing model is to make Fine Uploader freely accessible to free open-source projects, while collecting money from commercial users. We put a good amount of time, resources, and money into this project, and the financial sustainability of the library is important in order for us to continue to provide quick support, new features, and maintenance. There are even more reasons for purchasing a license on our homepage.

What licensing plans do you offer for non-profit and/or educational institutions?

We do offer a special discount for non-profit, and education licensing. For more information, please email

Do you have an OEM licensing option?

Absolutely. For more information, please email

We hope that this FAQ answers any questions you may have about Fine Uploader. If that is not the case, then, please, feel free to email with any futher questions you may have.