For technical support questions, please use Stack Overflow.

Ray Nicholus and the rest of the Fine Uploader team personally monitor the "fine-uploader" tag for new questions, and will provide assistance shortly after you post your question.

Please look for existing questions under the "fine-uploader" tag that match your question. If you don't find any, please post a new question tagged with "fine-uploader".

Please do not post licensing questions, feature requests, or comments about Fine Uploader on Stack Overflow. These types of posts will be removed by the moderators. Questions that do not include enough information to troubleshoot your issue will also be removed.

For bug reports or feature requests, please use the Github project's issue tracker.

If you are confident that you have uncovered a bug in Fine Uploader, please provide specific details about the bug, your version of Fine Uploader, your OS and browser, along with console messages from Fine Uploader. You may then open up a bug request in the issue tracker.

If you would like to see a specific new feature added to a future version of Fine Uploader, the issue tracker is also the appropriate place to post such a request. Be sure to explain your request clearly and provide details regarding the intended use of such a feature.

Please note that we also offer one-on-one paid support via email. See the purchase page for more details.

Please do not email Widen Enterprises with questions related to Fine Uploader. If you have licensing questions, please see our licensing FAQ. Otherwise, please see the above sections if you need to report a bug, request a feature, or obtain technical support.