Customize and Download

There are three different ways to obtain a copy of Fine Uploader

Read about these choices (and more) in the getting started guide

Option 1: Download from npm (preferred)

To download the latest version of Fine Uploader from npm simply type npm install fine-uploader inside of your project folder. Of course, you can also include fine-uploader among all of your other project dependencies inside of a package.json file as well. If you prefer that approach instead, simply run npm install after adding an entry for fine-uploader.

Option 2: Build a copy from the source files

Read the getting started guide for more details.

Option 3: Download from the web

Select the service (or services) you are using as a backend. Traditional assumes you will be implementing your own upload server, and Amazon S3 will provide you with the code to send uploads directly to Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3), and includes the Serverless S3 module to support fully client-side S3 uploading.

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